Are you a professional or a hobbyist?

I work for myself from home. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?
There is no need to dress up or slap on makeup in the morning. If I’m sick, I can stay in bed until I am better. Who will know, and more importantly, who can tell me off? I’m in charge – I can do what I like! The up-sides are endless. I can go to the doctors, the dentist or pop to the bank whenever I please and I do not need to juggle personal appointments around work and school pick-ups. It’s awesome! Total freedom! Getting my hair cut during the week when it’s quiet, is always tempting and If I’m feeling tired, I can start a little later or grab a shower in the middle of the day to perk me up. I can even stick a load of washing on or clean the floors if I feel so inclined (rare to be fair!). As a multi-tasking mother of four, I can write articles from my kitchen table, while tonight’s dinner is bubbling away on the stove and the tumble dryer is whirring away. I can add into the mix a little Amazon shopping, cuddling the puppy and replying to family WhatsApp messages or picking up FaceTime calls from my kids.


I could do all of the above and much, much more. But I don’t. I choose to set healthy work routines to build a viable and successful freelance business. My clients deserve my full attention, and my writing requires focus and care. Can you imagine if I submit an article that contains a typo or two because I was too busy deciding which Christmas wrapping paper to buy? That would be my credibility down the drain as fast as you could say Flash-wipe.


So, although I CAN multi-task, I don’t.
Focussing on the job in hand is a skill and requires more effort on my part. I have had to train my mind into a ‘one job at a time’ mentality so that I am not continually diverting my attention from creating content and looking after my customers to running the house and managing my personal stuff. As a busy woman, I want to get ahead of the game and on top of things. Who doesn’t love putting a big, fat tick next to a task on our never-ending to-do lists? But the result, from a professional perspective, is you create a business that is not a business. It’s a hobby.
Hobbies do not pay the bills.
Working from home does, however, allow me to achieve those things that are important to me. I am free to drop off and pick up the kids every day and go to all of their events. I run my business around school holidays and enjoy those precious moments with them. Working my way allows me to be the mum I want to be.
If you are considering becoming a freelancer, then I would be the first to cheer you on. Do not make the mistake that so many do and become a hobbyist. You will never be successful. If you want to earn enough money to have a positive work/life balance, consistent, daily action is vital.
Drop the internet browsing and calling your mother. Both will still be there at 7 pm. Instead, call your customers and plan your social media strategy. When you are able to take two weeks off, over Christmas, you’ll be very glad that you did.

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