When a Sunday roast makes everything better

Hubby has flatly refused to put the heating on.
The tip of my nose is freezing, but even this proffers no budging, or sympathy, from him whatsoever. Apparently, I must wait until October – for that is the official month when we are allowed to press the magic ‘on’ button on the boiler. I have no idea why this is, but there’s no discussing it (probably because he knows it’s stupid!).
Thus, I have two more days of suffering to endure, and then I can feel happy at home, without a freezing nose. I’ve dug out my jumpers, woolly socks and blankets and I insisted on being taken out for Sunday lunch at the pub. That cost him way more than putting the heating on, but I decided it was probably wise to keep this little bit of logic to myself. I do that a lot – it’s part of my man-management plan.
Lunch was lush. I declined the dead animals but stuffed my plate with everything else on offer (except the cauliflower cheese because it’s just weird). I love Sunday lunch at the Joiners Arms in Hampsthwaite. Always such great food and service and they are fabulously tolerant with my little monsters. Today, the boys played their own version of Jenga, which kept them entertained (I really mean quiet) throughout the meal. Hubby and I sat and stuffed our faces in joyful silence. It was delicious, and my tummy felt all warm and satisfied. This all looks and sounds as if the children were deprived of any food, but they were coaxed into shoving down a few sausages and potatoes. A big bowl of lovely custard took rather less coaxing.


I’m back home in the freezing house, writing this and enjoying an espresso or three. I am trying to gear myself up (via copious amounts of caffeine – my drug of choice) for the inevitable Sunday night mundane activities of school uniform preparation, finding clean pants and socks and battling with a 5-year-old to learn spellings that he really can’t be arsed to do. But, if I crack on now, then by 7:15pm I can throw myself on the sofa, under a blanket, and watch Strictly The Results with that smug feeling that the jobs are done and Monday is not yet here…but October almost is!

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