Are you a professional or a hobbyist?

I work for myself from home. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?
There is no need to dress up or slap on makeup in the morning. If I’m sick, I can stay in bed until I am better. Who will know, and more importantly, who can tell me off? I’m in charge – I can do what I like! The up-sides are endless. I can go to the doctors, the dentist or pop to the bank whenever I please and I do not need to juggle personal appointments around work and school pick-ups. It’s awesome! Total freedom! Getting my hair cut during the week when it’s quiet, is always tempting and If I’m feeling tired, I can start a little later or grab a shower in the middle of the day to perk me up. I can even stick a load of washing on or clean the floors if I feel so inclined (rare to be fair!). As a multi-tasking mother of four, I can write articles from my kitchen table, while tonight’s dinner is bubbling away on the stove and the tumble dryer is whirring away. I can add into the mix a little Amazon shopping, cuddling the puppy and replying to family WhatsApp messages or picking up FaceTime calls from my kids. Continue reading “Are you a professional or a hobbyist?”

When a Sunday roast makes everything better

Hubby has flatly refused to put the heating on.
The tip of my nose is freezing, but even this proffers no budging, or sympathy, from him whatsoever. Apparently, I must wait until October – for that is the official month when we are allowed to press the magic ‘on’ button on the boiler. I have no idea why this is, but there’s no discussing it (probably because he knows it’s stupid!).
Thus, I have two more days of suffering to endure, and then I can feel happy at home, without a freezing nose. I’ve dug out my jumpers, woolly socks and blankets and I insisted on being taken out for Sunday lunch at the pub. That cost him way more than putting the heating on, but I decided it was probably wise to keep this little bit of logic to myself. I do that a lot – it’s part of my man-management plan. Continue reading “When a Sunday roast makes everything better”